‘Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics’

‘Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics’: Playing the Numbers Game in Policy

Wed 13 Apr 2011, 18.30 – 20.00

Entrance Hall, British Library

Price: £6 / £4 concessions

any Book now for 13 Apr 2011, 18.30 – 20.00

Whether the phrase comes from Disraeli or Dilke, or even The West Wing, there have long been arguments about the accuracy and impact of statistics. Information collected in the Census has major political implications, but who decides what’s included? How is it used? And does it end up improving policy or practice? 
The event will be chaired by Ceridwen Roberts, AcSS and Research Fellow, University of Oxford. Our speakers include David Walker, Contributing Editor Guardian Public, Richard Alldritt, Director General, Monitoring and Assessment, UK Statistics Authority and Nigel Hawkes, Director of Straight Statistics. 

There will be a pay bar before and after the event.

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Introductory workshop on 1958 NCDS and 1970 BCS70

 10th May 2011  Institute of Education, University of London

The Centre for Longitudinal Studies will hold a one-day introductory workshop on the 1958 National Child Development Study and the 1970 British Cohort Study, focusing on data from the surveys carried out in 2008 when the study members were aged 50 and 38 years respectively. This event is designed for new and intending users of data from the studies and is jointly organised by CLS at the Institute of Education and the Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS). 

The taught component of the workshop includes presentations on: survey design, data coverage and methodology; patterns of attrition; using the data dictionaries; and accessing the data.

The hands-on component provides participants with the opportunity to carry out SPSS or Stata analyses using sub-sets of NCDS/BCS70 data, with support from members of the CLS cohort studies team.

There is a non-refundable charge of £60 (£30 for HE students) for attending, which includes lunch and workshop documentation.

For further details and to book a place please visit:  http://www.esds.ac.uk/longitudinal/news/eventdetail.asp?id=2767

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New UKDA data releases

The following new studies have been released:
SN 6662  ONS Opinions Survey, June 2008
SN 6661  ONS Opinions Survey, May 2008
SN 6663  ONS Opinions Survey, August 2008

 SN 6678  National Awareness And Early Diagnosis Initiative: Cancer Awareness Measure, Arden Cancer Network, 2009

SN 6687  National Awareness And Early Diagnosis Initiative: Cancer Awareness Measure, Anglia Cancer Network, 2009-2010: Special Licence Access

SN 6677  National Awareness And Early Diagnosis Initiative: Cancer Awareness Measure, Arden Cancer Network, 2009: Special Licence Access

SN 6688  National Awareness And Early Diagnosis Initiative: Cancer Awareness Measure, Anglia Cancer Network, 2009-2010

SN 6681  National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative: Cancer Awareness Measure, North East London, 2009-2010: Special Licence Access

 SN 6659  Dairy Intervention in Rural India, 2009

 SN 6605  Flood, Vulnerability and Resilience, 2007-2009

 SN 6657  Annual Population Survey, July 2009 – June 2010: Special Licence Access

The following new editions  have been released:

 SN 6472  ONS Opinions Survey, Disability Monitoring Module, January, February, March, April, June and August 2008: Special Licence Access

 SN 6534  International Passenger Survey, 2010: Quarters One, Two and Three

To order or to view further information on these data collections, or for access to the whole collection, please see the online catalogue webpage: http://www.esds.ac.uk/search/searchStart.asp

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English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) user day

On Tuesday 12 April 2011, the ELSA team will hold a one-day workshop on the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA).

This workshop is open to researchers who are interested in using data from the study and to existing users who want to find out more about the different datasets available and new additions.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask one-to-one questions to the ELSA team during a help desk surgery.

The user day will give an overview of the study and highlight some feature topics such as:

* life history interviews
* biomarkers
* derived financial variables
* DNA repository comparisons

as well as an overview of longitudinal studies of ageing in Europe and United States.

Numbers are limited so booking is essential. There is a small charge of £10 for students and £20 for non-students.

Further details including booking form:

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The Data Library has arrived

The University of Oxford Data Library is now on WordPress. This blog will be used to provide updates on new datasets and other items of interest for social scientists. For more information on the Data Library, please see our website: http://www.nuff.ox.ac.uk/datalibrary/

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